In 2009, Liquidity works invested in a concept called “Sandman” based on the insights of the table tennis legend Marty Reisman.
Marty provided the insight that the game of table tennis as a “spectator sport” was ruined in 1952 by the introduction of the “sponge” covered racket. 
Marty dreamed of the day the “sandpaper” racket, which promoted a game of athleticism, would replace the “sponge” which changed the game to one of spin and deception.
This led to the first World Championship of Ping Pong in 2011 in the Palms in Las Vegas and the second in January 2013 at Alexandra Palace in London.
The first championship was shown in 500 million homes worldwide and the second championship was shown live for 16 hours on Sky TV and then syndicated to over 500 million homes worldwide.
The next world championship will be broadcasted over 20 hours live on January 3-5, 2014 and will include the first Womens World Championship of Ping Pong.
Liquidity Works has taken the original “Sandman” concept and is the only internationally recognized organization by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) to be able to promote a “world championship” in the sport of ping pong.
Liquidity Works has changed the traditional business model in the sport away from the equipment manufacturers which created legacy issues and limited opportunity for the ITTF to a company where Sponsorship, Media, Franchising, and Licensing drive the sport’s future opportunity. Initial response has indicated a potentially larger market than 20/20 cricket has achieved versus traditional cricket and rugby sevens versus rugby.
We have developed a partnership with Barry Hearn and Matchroom Sports that provides the infrastructure of one of the largest sports promoters in Europe with a market to the second largest participatory sport in the world and the single largest sport in China, with opportunities in Western Europe, South America, Asia, and India.
Liquidity Works has multiple concepts that will come to market in this segment in the near future.